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About Lights Out Management, LLC

Why did you develop Lights Out Management?

Most small businesses have a hard time getting consistent, reliable advice and support for their computer systems. Lights Out Management provides all of the services a business needs, on a 24/7 basis, at a very affordable rate. The small to medium size business community can now outsource their IT needs just like outsourcing payroll, or recruiting services.

How will Lights Out Management help my business and employees perform better?

Most small business either don't have reliable technology help or avoid using it for as long as possible because they feel like they are running up an expensive 'tab' anytime they want help. Lights Out Management is a membership that will allow your employees to get the support and training they need, when they need it, for a flat fee. Knowing that they are not running up the "tab" will allow them to proactively get answers to the questions that are slowing their work performance each day, keeping your business from being dragged down by technology problems.