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How many Agents do I need?

You'll need a Agent for each computer, laptop, or server being used in your office. You do not need additional Agents for printers, PDA’s, firewalls, etc.

What if I want somebody to come to my office instead of supporting me over the Internet or phone?

To be able to offer our service at such a low price, we must first try to solve all problems over the phone or the Internet. If we are unable to solve the problem, we will send one of our technicians on-site or depending on your plan work with a consultant in the area to fix the problem.

I don't have a dedicated Internet connection; can I still be a customer of Subscription Support?

Not at this time. Our affordable business model requires that we solve most problems over the Internet using remote control software that allows us to work on your computer while you watch. If you don't have an Internet connection, we'll be unable to provide an adequate level of service.

I can’t afford to spend any additional money, but I would still like to work with Lights Out Management, how can I access Lights Out Management's services?

Lights Out Management has support plans and resources that can be built-in over time as your organization, IT support needs, and resources continue to grow. This allows both Lights Out Management and your organization to begin to build a long-term relationship.