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Online Asset Reporting

Lights Out Management provides both historical and daily, real-time view on all updates, service requests and asset information. This provides each client with a web based tool to both know what they have and how we should together manage those assets.

Online Case Reporting

You'll have access to our online case management system, giving you complete visibility into the issues your employees are using Lights Out Management to solve.

Online License Management

Lights Out Management allows you to track your assets online so that you can ensure your business remains in compliance with licensing laws.

Desktop Optimization & Management

We'll perform a PC Tune-up on your computer as needed, as well as make sure you have the current service packs and patches to keep your system healthy.

Log File Maintenance

Depending on your business needs Lights Out Management will determine the correct log maintenance schedule for your server. This process of maintaining your log files reduces your storage needs, increases your server performance and reduces the risk of downtime.