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Diligence reduces threats and keeps vital systems secure

Anti-Virus Software Management & Update

Your network is exposed to new threats every day. Whether it's someone writing the next nasty virus, trying to hack into your network, or stealing your information while it's traveling to its destination, Lights Out Management has you covered. We'll monitor and manage all aspects of network security, anti-virus software, firewall, and VPN, so you can feel assured about the safety of your information.

User Account Administration

Adding or removing users from your network resources is a snap. Just call Lights Out Management and we'll take care of it for you.

File Sharing Permission and Administration

Lights Out Management will work with you to determine the correct file structure for your organization. This will include helping you develop a file storage system and enabling end user access rights. Lights Out Management assists end users in administering this system and ensuring critical corporate data is protected.

Security Administration

Lights Out Management will work with you to ensure security best practices are in place and followed.

Virus Definition and Prevention

Lights Out Management monitors your virus definitions to ensure you receive daily updates. This prevents viruses from infiltrating and corrupting your network.