Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-03-07T18:00:27-05:00
What software do you support?2018-03-07T14:55:00-05:00

Lights Out Management will support all Microsoft products and most of the other software products commonly used by small businesses.

Explain the Remote Control service — Is my information safe?2018-03-07T14:56:25-05:00

It’s very safe. We use remote control software that allows us to take control of your computer as if we were sitting right at your desk. This allows us to do most of our work over the Internet and enables us to offer you the lowest price possible.In order to use the software on your computer, we must get your permission each and every time. We cannot connect to your computer unless you accept a link that we send you each time you want support. That way you can feel safe that we can’t do anything to your computer when you aren’t watching our every move.

Why should I use this service over a traditional hourly consulting service?2018-03-07T14:57:41-05:00

Hourly consulting is reactive in nature and expensive. Lights Out Management combines the best IT management tools and practices with the highest level of customer service. We proactively monitor and manage the health of your network, solving problems before they have an impact on your business – and do it on a very affordable flat fee basis.

Why did you develop Lights Out Management?2018-03-07T14:59:02-05:00

Most small businesses have a hard time getting consistent, reliable advice and support for their computer systems. Lights Out Management provides all of the services a business needs, on a 24/7 basis, at a very affordable rate. The small to medium size business community can now outsource their IT needs just like outsourcing payroll, or recruiting services.

Why shouldn’t I just call the manufacturer of my computer for help?2018-03-07T14:59:38-05:00

That does seem to make sense, doesn’t it? However, most people who have tried this just get very frustrated. Long hold times, passing the buck to another manufacturer, being charged $35 for every call it’s enough to drive you crazy. Lights Out Management will solve any problem with your computer immediately over the Internet or phone. If we can’t, we are local, so we can send one of our technicians over at your earliest convenience to take care of it in person.

Our organization has individuals with varying degrees of technology experience, how is Lights Out Management equipped to handle this?2018-03-07T15:01:09-05:00

Lights Out Management can most aptly be described as a “People business first and technology company second”. Lights Out Management has assembled a technology team that is comprised of not only bright, but friendly technicians whose primary focus is customer service and issue resolution. When speaking with an Lights Out Management technician, all questions are good questions.

I can’t afford to spend any additional money, but I would still like to work with Lights Out Management, how can I access Lights Out Management’s services?2018-03-07T15:03:29-05:00

Lights Out Management has support plans and resources that can be built-in over time as your organization, IT support needs, and resources continue to grow. This allows both Lights Out Management and your organization to begin to build a long-term relationship.

What hardware do you support?2018-03-07T18:35:04-05:00

We will support any hardware on a limited basis. By this we mean that we do not do hardware repairs. We will, however, diagnose hardware problems and work with the hardware manufacturer on your behalf in the case of warranty repairs. In the case that a piece of hardware is not under warranty we will assist you with purchasing new hardware or in having a hardware repaired by an Lights Out Management partner.

I’m skeptical that Lights Out Management can give me the support I need over the Internet.2018-03-07T18:35:45-05:00

Currently we are able to solve over 80% of our user issues over the Internet. We believe so strongly in the value of our service that we offer a service guarantee. Put us to the test and see how we do! Ask a representative for details.

We have a friend that took a couple of computer classes while in college that we call when we want computer help; why shouldn’t we just stick with that?2018-03-07T18:37:31-05:00

We’ve found through years of experience that many small businesses use a friend or part-time employee to try to manage their computer systems. However, these people often aren’t up to date with the latest technologies or solutions, move on to full time jobs, or are unavailable when you need them, costing you lost productivity and bringing your business to a standstill. Lights Out Management is an affordable solution that allows you to contact a qualified team of experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How will Lights Out Management help my business and employees perform better?2018-03-07T18:38:37-05:00

Many small businesses and nonprofit organizations don’t have reliable technology help or avoid using it for fear they are running up an expensive tab. Others have nowhere to turn when they need support. Lights Out Management allows your employees to get support and training when they need it for an affordable monthly fee.

How does Lights Out Management’s service differ from my in-house IT support or a traditional hourly consulting service?2018-03-07T18:39:57-05:00

Lights Out Management combines the best IT management tools and practices with the highest levels of customer service backed by the resources of a complete IT team. Whether Lights Out Management is a complement to your existing IT support or your dedicated IT department, Lights Out Management will proactively monitor and manage the health of your network, solving problems before they have an impact on your business.

How will Lights Out Management help my business and employees perform better?2018-03-07T18:41:59-05:00

Most small business either don’t have reliable technology help or avoid using it for as long as possible because they feel like they are running up an expensive ‘tab’ anytime they want help. Lights Out Management is a membership that will allow your employees to get the support and training they need, when they need it, for a flat fee. Knowing that they are not running up the “tab” will allow them to proactively get answers to the questions that are slowing their work performance each day, keeping your business from being dragged down by technology problems.

Is Lights Out Management equipped to handle the unique needs of nonprofits?2018-03-07T18:42:29-05:00

Lights Out Management’s objective is to build long-term relationships and trust by aligning our goals with that of our clients. We have worked with many nonprofit organizations to ensure that they are maximizing technology to benefit their organization; we would be happy for you to speak with them to learn more about our services.

How many Agents do I need?2018-03-07T18:43:42-05:00

You’ll need a Agent for each computer, laptop, or server being used in your office. You do not need additional Agents for printers, PDA’s, firewalls, etc.

What if I want somebody to come to my office instead of supporting me over the Internet or phone?2018-03-07T18:44:47-05:00

To be able to offer our service at such a low price, we must first try to solve all problems over the phone or the Internet. If we are unable to solve the problem, we will send one of our technicians on-site or depending on your plan work with a consultant in the area to fix the problem.

I don’t have a dedicated Internet connection; can I still be a customer of Subscription Support?2018-03-07T18:46:10-05:00

Not at this time. Our affordable business model requires that we solve most problems over the Internet using remote control software that allows us to work on your computer while you watch. If you don’t have an Internet connection, we’ll be unable to provide an adequate level of service.

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